Through chaos as it swirls, it's us against the world.

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5/30 pictures of Guy Berryman

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11/42 Live performances by Coldplay | Glass of Water @ Channel 4 Studios [x]

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Coldplay are just four friends trying to make great music [Inspired by x]

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For a second, I was in control. I had it once, I lost it though.

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Color Palettes + Ghost Stories Music Videos

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Happy 37th birthday Jonny Buckland! (born 11 September 1977)

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Chris Martin - A Sky Full of Stars (Live @ SiriusXM’s Alt Nation) [x]

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Ghost Stories Handwritten Lyrics
Coldplay + Nature
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"We were living in the same building at college in London. I’m not a very big sleeper. So I’d always be awake through the night anyway, working or writing stuff. Jonny was sitting at 3:00 in the morning playing some piece on guitar in a room nearby. And I was like, “I didn’t know you played guitar.” And he was like, “Well, I don’t really tell anybody.” And something in my brain was like, “OK, let’s meet tomorrow.” And we did. And then we spent every day together since. And he still doesn’t like to tell people he plays guitar. Even on a stage, he tries to hide as much as possible. My entire life is spent trying to drag him out of the shadows, because i know that he’s a guitar hero - to me, anyway. He’s the only person that’s ever made anything I’ve written sound any good."

—Chris Martin on meeting Jonny Buckland.  (via buckin-love)

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Chris “puppy” Martin during true love

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→ 41/50 Favourite photos of Coldplay

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Coldplay - True Love (Official Video)

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